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Atencion Primaria en Salud (APS)


APS works with the community and local health system to identify individuals who can work as a CHE on behalf of the community.

APS provides small business and primary healthcare training to CHEs, first through an intensive 2 week course, then through 2 day workshops every month.

After training, CHEs are equipped with the tools and medications needed to serve their community -and grow their business.

At all times, CHEs are identifying opportunities to collaborate closely with the health system (facilitating community health fairs, vaccination campaigns, etc.).

This process empowers CHEs to provide consults in the community, delivering preventative and curative services, and providing for their families through mini pharmacies.


Hear about some of the wonderful work APS supports:


Eulalio, APS Community Health Entrepreneur for 8 years.

“Before, I didn’t know how to suture a wound – Now I can. I didn’t know how to take vital signs – Now I can. I didn’t know how to evaluate a patient – Now I can. I didn’t know what to make of a fever, how much is dangerously high. Now we know because we have the knowledge, the skills, and the tools. I feel well supported in my work and that has been a great relief."


Hear about some of the wonderful experiences people have had through our partner organizations and programs:


Reynaldo, CHE with APS

Twenty-four year old Reynaldo, a Community Health Entrepreneur with APS, sees an average of 40 patients a month, finding time to serve his community between his other duties as a lumberjack and farmer. During the month of June alone, Reynaldo saved two lives by assessing the severity of two patients who required immediate transport to the hospital for surgical care. The closest hospital 55km away requires a journey of 2 hours by bus, 2.5 hours by truck and 2 hours on horseback.

In addition to caring for his community Reynaldo is able to better provide for his family. He describes the community health program “like a gift from God … before I was earning maybe 150-240 cordobas per month (~ $5-8 USD). Working hard, using my intelligence,  now I’m earning between 1,500 and 2,000 cordobas per month(~$52-69). Thank you.”

Social Medicine Course Participant:

"Overall a fantastic course. I really enjoyed the breadth of topics covered. Across the board, speakers were fantastic. I also think that one of the hidden benefits of the course was the time to get acclimated in Managua before starting clinical time. This allowed us to get back in the habit of speaking Spanish ... and learn our way around the city a bit, all while fitting in great learning."