Maravilla Health is a US-based non-profit (501c3) launched in 2015 to support grassroots organizations in resource limited settings in Latin America.  Our focus is the double win – protecting health and creating jobs through community health entrepreneurs (CHEs).

We firmly believe in a community health worker (CHW) model as the optimal way to reach populations with limited access to formal healthcare. CHWs are community members trained to provide basic health care services and work as an extension of public health systems rather than in parallel.

CHWs are vital players in many health systems across the world, yet they often volunteer their time while they themselves live in poverty; many CHWs lose precious time at their primary income source or as primary caregivers in their families.

Maravilla Health embraces the value that CHWs bring to their community, and we believe they should be compensated for their services – in comes the community health entrepeneurs (CHE).

CHEs operate as traditional CHWs, providing preventive and curative services such as blood pressure screenings, health education and medicines yet they are also small business owners. Each has a mini-pharmacy where medicines like antibiotics and diabetes medicines are sold alongside fast moving pro-health products, such as sanitary napkins, soap and water filters. These mini-pharmacies may provide the only access to life saving resources within hours of an individual’s community.

The CHE delivers a critical service to their local community while also generating a living wage for their family.

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