Maravilla Health is a US-based non-profit that support grassroots organizations in resource-poor Latin American countries, focusing on a double win: protecting health and creating jobs.

Maravilla Health embraces the value that CHWs bring to their community, and we believe they should be compensated for their services.

We seek to promote the utilization and expansion of the Community Health Entrepreneur model, which emphasizes the compensation of voluntary community health workers who often live in poverty themselves.

Protecting Health

Through our partner program Atencion Primaria en Salud (APS), Maravilla Health supports the training and empowerment of community members, helping them transform into Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHE) who can provide basic health care services in the most impoverished and remote areas without access to doctors. 


What makes CHEs unique is that they provide a needed health service to their community, while receiving support to establish small pharmacies in their own communities where medications are otherwise not available. Each mini-pharmacy carries medications like antibiotics and diabetes medicines, sold alongside fast moving pro-health products, such as sanitary napkins, soap and water filters. These mini-pharmacies may provide the only access to life-saving resources within hours of an individual’s community.

“(This program is...) like a gift from God … before I was earning maybe 150-240 cordobas per month (~ $5-8 USD). Working hard, using my intelligence,  now I’m earning between 1,500 and 2,000 cordobas per month  (~$52-69). Thank you.”